Ofsted Outstanding School

Term 1

This academic year has got off to a very exciting start! There have been lots of outdoor activities and guests visiting the school, meaning both the staff and children have had a very enjoyable first term.

Some of the highlights for this term have been Forest School, for both the younger and older children, venturing out into the woods and learning survival skills.

We also had a Halloween party, in which the children were able to dress up, have face paint and play apple-bobbing!

Another highlight has been our visit to RHS Rosemoor, learning about different species of plants and of course, playing on the slide! We will be visiting again before Christmas to make decorations from the garden.

Libra was thrilled to be a part of the Appledore Book Festival this year. We had a visit from Joshua Seigal (author of I Don’t Like Poetry), who very kindly met all of the children and signed their copies of his book. The children came away feeling inspired to read more and write their own poetry.

We have also been very lucky to have had new outdoor play equipment installed over the summer holidays, which was a lovely surprise for the children to come back to.

Here are some pictures: