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Term 4

Growth Mind Set

This term we have been participating in Growth Mind-set assemblies, which aims to make us more aware of how our approach to learning can affect our attainment and the development of skills. These assemblies have been run in 2 groups; the younger pupils have enjoyed receiving and discussing letters from our alien helpers Zorg and Zorgy plus taking part in role play scenarios, whereas the older pupils have enjoyed discussing their experiences and learning about case studies of famous people who have evidenced Growth Mind-sets.

If you would like to see some more information about this concept click on the links below to watch videos of the basis for Growth Mind-set and an example of it in action:

For a video explaining the basis of the concept: http://homeschoolingwithdyslexia.com/how-to-teach-kids-about-the-power-of-a-growth-mindset/

For a video of Growth mind-set in action:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqh1MRWZjms

Dunster Castle

On 22nd March some of the pupils enjoyed a visit to Dunster Castle to extend their knowledge of castles, which they have been learning about in school. The pupils enjoyed exploring the rooms within the castle and discussing the Historical background of the castle which has changed a great deal, particularly over the Medieval and Victorian eras.

Whilst on our visit we kept an eye out for ghosts (some say that the castle is haunted and that you can often feel a presence in it), attempted to set the table for dinner as it would have been traditionally set, attempted to spot Wales from the window (it was a little too foggy to see it properly) and we even took part in a 'who wants to be a million heir' game where we went on an Easter egg hunt after we had answered trivia questions correctly.

In Science we have been looking at making different circuits. Some of the pupils were given a set of challenges.

We began by thinking about the differences between a parallel and serial circuit.

They thought about this challenge:

Make a circuit to these specifications…

The circuit has 2 switches and 2 bulbs with the switches controlling one bulb each.

Here is the circuit they created:

Term 3


During History this term, students have studied a range of different periods of time and looked at important events and people from those periods. The topics that we have looked at this term are:

  • Toys From the Past
  • Finding out about the Past
  • Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot
  • Florence Nightingale
  • The Iron Age and Celts
  • Anglo Saxons

Students have been very busy this term and have created lots of fantastic pieces of work during their history lessons. Some of the things that they have made  are:

  • Guy Fawkes models
  • Saxon houses
  • Celtic hillforts
  • Firework paintings
  • Celtic knot patterns
  • Florence Nightingale information books

Students have also enjoyed trips to the House of Marbles and Toy Museum to look at old toys and Exeter to look at Saxon buildings and artefacts and also to see a real life Saxon skeleton!

History trip

On Tuesday 2nd February, some of our pupils went to visit the House of Marbles as part of their history topic of 'Old and New Toys'. While we were there, we enjoyed watching the glass blowing and looked at all the old toys and marbles.

We especially enjoyed the huge marble runs and playing with the marbles in the playground. We found out lots about different toys that people played with a long time ago and looked at how toys have changed over time. 

Terms 1 & 2

This term has seen an exciting array of events here at Libra School, here are some of the highlights:

Pumpkin Carving

We once again held our annual pumpkin carving competition in preparation for Halloween. The pupils engaged really well with this, and this resulted in some very imaginative and spooky pumpkins! During this process we used a range of pumpkin carving tools in addition to spray paint, acrylic paint, glitter, card structures and accessories.

Houses from the Past

On Tuesday 24th November, one of our groups went to Exeter for the day as part of our History project 'Houses from the Past'. The students looked at different buildings in Exeter, including the ruins of an old chapel, Tudor houses and the 'House that moved'. They also went to the museum to look at lots of different artifacts from different periods of History and enjoyed finding out about what people had in their houses a long time ago. 

We have completely transformed our school library!

We have completely transformed our school library!

Author John Townsend visit

The Appledore Book Festival Schools Program. This year had children’s author John Townsend visit our school, John spent the day catching the children’s attention with his enthralling stories, this is what he had to say about the visit:

“The welcome at the lovely Libra School was fabulous and the library is so brilliant I could live there… snuggled by the wood-burner (yes, a real live wood burner sizzling in the corner of a library). This little gem of a school in the middle of beautiful Devonshire countryside has a wonderful collection of friendly characters, including Rosie the dog. Everyone was hooked on stories, books and wow information and even Rosie enjoyed a good tail (see what I did there?) I have to admit, I did my best to scare people so sorry if you had nightmares afterwards. Adrian threatened to sue me if that happened!  Thank you all for taking part so enthusiastically and being such a fantastic bunch. Keep up the great work” John Townsend.

Pam kindly cooked a delicious vegetarian lunch which was enjoyed by all. We would like to thank John for visiting our school and for kindly donating us some signed books, we look forward to reading them!

Skillforce camping trips

The children went camping at Wimbleball Lake as part of their Junior Prince Award with Skillforce. The trip involved a long hike around the beautiful lake, using their excellent navigation skills to keep them on the right track. Although the hills they climbed were steep and tiring, the children powered on and were rewarded with the wonderful views surrounding the lake. Then the children had to set up the camp and ensure that their tents were accommodating enough to sleep in! As darkness fell, the sky was clear enough for the children to have a go at stargazing and they thoroughly enjoyed playing with their torches and telling each other ghost stories. After a chilly nights sleep, the children devoured bacon sandwiches for breakfast and packed away their tents ready to arrive back to school. Overall, the trip was a huge success. Each and every child embraced the camping experience and fun was had by all!


The Robotics workshops involved the design, programming and application of Robots which the pupils built in small teams. Within this they learnt about programming algorithms, coding and using sensors effectively. This culminated in a 'Robot Wars' challenge at the end of the workshop; within this the teams pitted their robots against each other in the challenge ring. The winning team was the Robot which stayed in the ring the longest.

Noah’s Ark Zoo

Theresa’s group had a trip to Noah’s Ark Zoo! At the Zoo we attended workshops about habitats and adaptations. We looked at the way animals were adapted to suit the weather and their environment. The children held a range of animals and were able to state what environment they thought the animal lived at. After the workshop we went for a walk around the Zoo and were able to look at a range of animals. We noticed how giraffes had long necks to help them eat leaves and how crocodiles are well suited to land and water.